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Where one door closes, another door opens. Being on a Fitness Journey is about taking an active approach to your health and wellness and Body Déjà Vu Fitness will always be there cheering you on as you strive to new heights in Fitness!!

We have been blessed to be in an industry that has some amazing people that understand and share our vision. Fitness isn’t just about getting in, working out, and going home; it’s so much more. It’s about connecting with people, lending a helping hand, but most importantly it’s about You!!

We have created a list of studios and instructors that we believe share our passion for helping people. If you are looking for a place to call home, make sure to check out some of these amazing instructors and studios. Whether you find your home at one of these locations or someplace else, make sure you find a place that treats you like family…it will make your Fitness Journey even more meaningful!!


En-er-gy Fitness Studio

Energy (logo)Renee Wiggs

A health and fitness studio located on “the square” in Sonoma, CA. Focusing on body awareness through an eclectic mix of group exercise classes.

Location:                                                                        Contact Information:

En-er-gy Fitness Studio                                                 Owner: Renée Wiggs

450 1st St E.                                                                       Contact #: 707-217-4584

Sonoma, CA 95476                                                          Email:


“This is the place that I call my home away from home. I fell in love with this studio 4 years ago. Renee’s studio inspired me to create a studio that embodied the love, energy, and welcoming atmosphere that you will find at en-er-gy studio!!” -Carlos






Barre EnergyBarre Energy


Barre Energy is a Challenging, Effective, Safe and Fun, Full Body workout. In every class you will work each muscle group to exhaustion, resulting in muscle stamina and endurance. Classes target the arms, abdominals, thighs and glutes, we use different props to continuously challenge our bodies and engage our minds. We finish with full body stretching, to lengthen our muscles & relax our minds.


Location:                                                                    Contact Information:

Barre Energy                                                                    Owners: Lisa Fitzsimons & Natalie Goodrich

1515 Farmers Lane                                                          Contact #: Lisa (707-494-2880) Natalie (707-338-4654)

Santa Rosa, CA 95405                                                    Email:

Barre Energy



“I just love these ladies. Their goal is to make fitness fun, and they have achieved that in their studio. If you are looking for a place with heart, a place where people genuinely care about you and your Fitness Journey, search no further than the best Barre in town. Love these two ladies…” –Carlos