Ellie Lammoglia


Pilates will be returning in August. Thank you for your patience!




Ellie has been passionate about movement and physical exercise since she was a young girl. Even in her earliest years she expressed her joy of movement through her love of dance. Trained in classical ballet, Ellie followed a rigorous ballet program at the San Francisco Ballet School. Ellie began practicing Pilates at the age of twelve as a cross-training method for ballet. She fell in love with the Pilates method and ideals of alignment, control, and breath.

In 2014 Ellie became a certified Pilates Mat instructor through the TONE Pilates teacher training under the instruction of Monica Anderson and Sonya Monk. She adores working to help others find the same holistic joy of movement through Pilates. In her classes she offers a rigorous, yet safe and dynamic workout, focusing on each client’s individual needs and challenges. She strives to offer her clients the opportunity to discover their body’s inner strength and resilience.