Conny Schneider


Monday, Friday (6:45-7:45 P.M.)


Hello everyone! I am Conny and I look forward to dancing with all of you!

My love of dance started when I was young, where I was a student for 12 years back in my homeland of Germany. I grew up taking classes in everything from Jazz dance, ballet, hip hop/street dancing, and found my passion in all of them in their own way.

Dancing has always made me feel satisfied after a long day. It makes me happy, free, and most of all positive about my life journey – a feeling I would love to share with everyone!

Here in America I have found the perfect opportunity to do all I have ever wanted: to share my passion, see people dance in my own class, but best of all – to achieve fitness goals at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join me for a refreshing U-Jam workout, I can’t wait to meet you!