Carlos Da Silva

Body Deja Vu:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (5:30-6:30 P.M.)



As a native of Brazil, I grew up surrounded by rich music, vivid colors, and amazing foods.  At first my careers went in various directions. They revolved around caring for mentally challenged youth, consulting youth organizations and selling skin care products for one of the largest skin care companies in the world.

After a few years of schooling in dance, I had learned how music and movement helped bridge not only cultures, but also the often overlooked psychological and emotional needs of a person.  I began working on a way to incorporate my passion for music, food, and movement into a healthy lifestyle that could be shared with others.

My approach of infusing cardio with so many different styles and music genres allows you to take a trip around the world. As you burn calories, you will strengthen your core.  I also incorporate daily tips, delicious nutrition ideas, and self-esteem workshops, all of which will be useful resources for you and your family.

I am dedicated to your overall body transformation from the inside-out.   As you learn the dance steps and push yourself harder in the workouts; you will see your confidence grow.  I look forward to sharing my passion with you, as we pursue our individual defining Body Déjà Vu moments.