Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping Basics LogoSchedule:

Saturday (11:45 A.M.-12:45 P.M.)

This class is part workout, part trick instruction, and all fun.  Hooping works out you body and mind.  Hooping works out your body by using muscles that you don’t use normally.  This will help you learn your body.  You will learn how your body moves, and will gain a better relationship with your body.   Hooping works out your mind with self confidence, skill, and it just makes you happy.  Hooping is a low impact way to exercise.  Because hooping is low impact this class is right for any level of fitness.

The workout portion of the class will consist of exercises that are doable for every fitness level.  These workouts will help you build a relationship with your Hula Hoop, give you some cardio work as well as help tone and build your strength.  The last part of class will be focusing on Hooper Tricks.  I will introduce a new trick or two depending on difficulty of the move. Structuring my class this way will enable us to get a workout and work on the skill of Hooping.  I love hooping.  It’s peaceful, joyful and healthy.  I want to share the joy of hooping with you.  Join the hoop movement and please come join me for my classes.