Connecting Dreams

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“Connecting Your Heart To A Dream”


The Body Déjà Vu Fitness Studio is the place where we come together to change the world. Our dream began nine months ago when we opened up the doors to Body Déjà Vu Fitness. Our mission is to provide each client with a unique 360-degree approach to healthy living from the inside-out.

We offer a safe, welcoming, and judgment free environment for everyone regardless of fitness level, because we understand that every person has their own unique Fitness Journey. Fitness is not just about exercise, but also involves having a healthy perspective of one’s self – which includes an emotional, spiritual, and mental connection to the body.


How You Can Make A Difference


With your help and contribution we can continue to change lives. Your support makes this possible by:

  • Hiring specialized Team Members (personal trainers, massage therapy etc.);
  • Advancing our branding through merchandising;
  • Acquire fitness equipment (weights, dedicated workout gear);
  • Offering children specific classes;
  • Providing self-esteem workshops/retreats;
  • Supporting our community through our philanthropic efforts.

At least 5% of all funds raised are going to support the Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Obesity Program. We know our upcoming generation is the future, and we want to help make it bright! Donating through our $500 option increases the percentage we will donate. So remember, your contribution not only helps the studio, but will also help our future generation learn the benefits of healthy eating.