Schedule: Classes Start: October 6th, 2014

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (08:00-09:00 A.M.)

Tuesday, Thursday (7:00-8:00 P.M.)

Elevate (Picture 1)Elevate, also known as Aerial Yoga, uses a silky fabric trapeze to support a client through a number of yoga techniques and poses. The low hanging hammock supports your full body weight during the class session. The instructor will guide you through a number of postures that will help with muscle alignment and deep muscle release.

We will take you on a trip around the world through this guided classes. Elevate is for all levels of yoga enthusiasts. Release your stress and restore your mind, body, and soul as you suspend yourself above your worries and stresses. Elevate yourself to a new level of awareness, connect with your core, and start your journey to a place of peace during this one hour Elevate session.

Elevate (Picture)Our guided instructors were trained by Holly Miely and Rebecca Stokes of Atmosphere Fitness; two amazing leaders in this industry who have a passion for yoga and fitness. During our Elevate class you will familiarize yourself with a number of aerial yoga poses that will help strengthen your core and help your become grounded.

Join us for Elevate and lift your spirt, body, and mind to a new level of awareness.


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