What is Body Déjà Vu?

Body Déjà Vu is a high-energy cardio dance-infused workout. We have taken some of the hottest dance moves from Brazil to Scotland and everything in between and blended them into easy-to-follow dance steps that will allow you to get into the best shape of your life and have fun doing it. When you attend our classes, your body and mind will experience a new world of energy. We mix sizzling Latin-inspired moves, seductive belly dancing, hip hop, and tantalizing burlesque moves and so much more. From the very moment you get on the dance floor, you will be taken to all corners of the globe and experience the powerful diversity that music has to offer.

Find out what everyone is talking about at http://youtu.be/wfe1E9_8Vkc

Fit & Fab!!!

Are you looking for a Full-Body-Transformation? Healthy living is about making a conscious decision; a decision that can help transform you from the inside-out. As an Arbonne Independent Consultant and dance instructor, I am here to help you feel and look your best. Arbonne offers a number of products to keep you looking and feeling great; just check out my Fit & Fab page for my top 3 recommendations. Visit my website at BodyDejaVu.MyArbonne.Com and lets work together to make you Fabulous, Fit, &  Healthy!!!



Thanks for a great class, Carlos.  A great way to kick-start my birthday!

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